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A new London home-brewing festival

Earlier this year we heard that the London and South East Craft Brewing Festival, which has been held annually in Sutton, was not going ahead.

I am pleased to announce that the London Amateur Brewers have taken over the organisation of this fantastic event and a date and new venue have now been decided.

Key to the aims of the new organisers is to improve the image and quality of home brewed beer by providing quality judging feedback to entrants. The organisers want to continue the social time or festival time which happens after the judging has finished as it is so popular and allows competitors to compare their beers with their friends. The organisers are also encouraging entries in a wider range of style categories this year.

The competition will take place on the 12th November 2011 and the new location in Wimbledon has excellent public transport links for competitors and supporters.

Pre-registration of the competition entries are being encouraged to help the organisers with the administration and setting-out. Information about how to enter and participate can be found on the competition web site:

LAB run the first ever BJCP competition in Europe

At our last meeting, LAB hosted the first ever BJCP-sanctioned competition in Europe, in preparation for the first European BJCP qualification exam which will be adjudicated by LAB’s Ant Hayes in Jan 2011.

More details at

LAB at the AHA’s National Homebrew Conference

Ant Hayes
Ant Hayes, founder of LAB and winner of the South African National Homebrew Competition in 2000 and 2003 is talking at NHC tomorrow (Sat 19th June) from 9-10am on the subject of “Lesser Known and Misunderstood English Beer Styles”.

For all those who think that British = 100’s of same-y Best Bitters, go along, you’ll be in for a very enlightening and welcome surprise.

Another great Pro-Am brewing competition

Sharp's Doom Bar logo

In addition to the excellent work being done by SaintAndSinners brewery on the Thames in S. London, Sharp’s of Cornwall have also stepped up to the plate and reached out to UK home-brewers with their ‘Big Lunch Beer’ competition.

More info on this blog or on the Big Lunch website but basically the gist of it is: the successful brewer will be invited to Sharp’s to work alongside the head brewer to produce a commercial version of their winning recipe which will then be sold in stores across the country. Sounds good.