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UK Beer Festival Calendar

From the website comes this handy list – a calendar of UK beer festivals of all sizes, more comprehensive (and user-friendly) than the one on CAMRAs site.

Worth a look if you’re festival-inclined.

Next LAB meeting: GBBF social, Wed 4th August

GBBF logoA break from the usual format – the next LAB meeting is a group social at the Great British Beer Festival.

We’ll be the smart, good-looking ones hanging out by the ‘Real Ale in a Bottle’ stand all night (well, 6pm ->), come and say hi.

LAB at the AHA’s National Homebrew Conference

Ant Hayes
Ant Hayes, founder of LAB and winner of the South African National Homebrew Competition in 2000 and 2003 is talking at NHC tomorrow (Sat 19th June) from 9-10am on the subject of “Lesser Known and Misunderstood English Beer Styles”.

For all those who think that British = 100’s of same-y Best Bitters, go along, you’ll be in for a very enlightening and welcome surprise.

Battersea Beer Festival

This week sees the first of the capital’s beer festivals of 2010 in Battersea.

One of my favourite festivals, it comes just at the right time for those who’ve had an abstemious January.

Details here: