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January Meeting – Monday 9th

This month Paul Spearman takes over as the new chair of the London Amateur brewers and we move venue to the Bull Highgate. Paul will be taking the opportunity to discuss LAB and it’s future direction over the coming months so please bring along your ideas. Get there at 6.00pm for the chance of a tour of the new brewery, London Brewing Co.


December Meeting – Monday 5th

As per tradition, December’s LAB meeting will be an ‘extreme’ beers themed night, held at the Wenlock Arms. Bring along your ‘extreme’ beers and remember, extreme doesn’t just mean strong!

August meeting – GBBF

August sees us taking a break from the usual schedule and we traditionally hold our meeting as a social at the Great British Beer Festival.

Join us on Wednesday 3rd August from 6pm onwards. We gather in the seating area by the Real Ale in a Bottle stand. Come along and say hi.

July meeting – Monday 4th

The next meeting will take place at The Wenlock Arms, 6.30pm onwards.

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This month’s talk is ‘Parti-Gyle’ by Ken Bazley.

Tirbute to Ant Hayes – Monday 16th May

Meet at The Wenlock, 6.30pm for a 7pm start, to raise a glass in memory of our founder member, Ant Hayes.

May meeting – cancelled

Due to the sad news of the passing of our founder member, Ant Hayes, there will be no meeting tonight. Instead, members are encouraged to come to The Wenlock a week today (16th May) at 7pm to raise a glass to Ant.

We will resume with the usual LAB meeting in June.

Hope to see you next week, Dan

Next meeting: 4th April 2011

Yes, we’re still here… upstairs in The Wenlock Arms, 26 Wenlock Road London N1 7TA. 6pm onwards.

This month’s talk is an experiment: Is there a noticeable difference in priming sugar types? Ben Fields has had an interesting idea to put people’s palettes to the test… should be fun. There will also be the usual Brewing Q&A and tasting of members’ beers.

All new members welcome from beginners to advanced brewers, just turn up on the night.