Congratulations to Dave Halse who’s beer will go forward to round 3 of the CBA Club Only Competition. It was the toughest LAB selection yet with 14 entries. After two rounds Bristol Craft Brewers and London Amateur Brewers are neck and neck in 2nd place with the Shed Brewers in first, so it is all to play for.

Standings (after 2 rounds):

Shed Brewers – 16 pts
Bristol Craft Brewers – 12 pts
London Amateur Brewers – 12 pts
Bristol Brewing Circle – 8 pts

Club of the Year Trophy: All category placings will accrue points towards the club trophy (1st=6; 2nd=4; 3rd=2; HM=1). Points will also be accrued from the CBA Club-Only Competitions in 2012 (1st=12; 2nd=8; 3rd=4). The club with the highest number of points will retain the trophy for 1 year. Entrants with multiple clubs list will be allowed to count in more than one club.

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