August sees us taking a break from the usual schedule and we traditionally hold our meeting as a social at the Great British Beer Festival.

Join us on Wednesday 3rd August from 6pm onwards. We gather in the seating area by the Real Ale in a Bottle stand. Come along and say hi.

Comments on: "August meeting – GBBF" (2)

  1. What sort of a difference to the taste of a brew do things like temperature, bubliness (this sort of thing – make?
    In your opinion for example, does a Fosters that is a bit more gassy taste better or worse? Can things like this change your opinion of a pub, or is a Carling the same wherever you go?

  2. Hi Will,

    I don’t really drink much Carling or Foster’s so I couldn’t comment about their taste, but in my experience temperature and carbonation (bubbles) do have an effect on flavour in beer.

    Generally, flavours iin beer will be masked by colder temperatures, and different levels of carbonation can effect the perception of flavour in beer, including the taste of carbonic acid in highly carbonated beers. That’s my abbreviated explanation, I’m sure someone will be along in a minute that can go into it further.


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