The next meeting will be held at the usual venue – The Wenlock Arms, 6 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7TA.

The talk: how to (safely) convert a cheap kettle into an element for your boiler by Mike Ellenberg – a great ‘how to’ guide to an essential bit of kit, especially if you’re looking into improving your beers by doing a full-wort boil or wanting a back-up element to complement your existing set-up.

There will also be the usual beer tasting and evaluation and question and answer session.

If you have beer for the tasting, please bring 2 pints/1 litre and let me know in advance so I can book in your beer in for a tasting slot (several still available). For the Q&A part, please send me any questions you would like answered, and I will email them to the group. We can then discuss them at the meeting.

All new members welcome – just turn up on the night.

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