At our last meeting, LAB hosted the first ever BJCP-sanctioned competition in Europe, in preparation for the first European BJCP qualification exam which will be adjudicated by LAB’s Ant Hayes in Jan 2011.

More details at

Comments on: "LAB run the first ever BJCP competition in Europe" (7)

  1. Thanks for nothing. The last thing the British beer scene needs is giving the BJCP cancer a foothold in Europe.

  2. I have to agree with Barm – what a terrible idea. Being generous, the BJCP guidelines are misguided and inaccurate. Just look at their description of 60/-. They think it’s a pale beer. The people who wrote the guidelines clearly had never drunk a real example or they wouldn’t have made such a basic mistake. The BJCP’s understanding of British beer as it is today is shaky. Their idea of its history totally wrong.

    Following the BJCP’s misinformation is the last thing British homebrewers should be doing. Spending lots of effort learning incorrect information for a meaningless exam is just plain crazy.

    I point out just a few of the many errors in the BJCP giuidelines here:

  3. Yes. 60/– was once paler than it is now. It is certainly dark now. Beers change over time. Something style nerds can’t seem to comprehend. That’s the reason it’s pointless studying these lists of factoids. Your painstakingly acquired “qualification” will be worthless in a few years. If you think it is worth anything in the first place, that is.

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